Binge of the Month: The Big Bang Theory


So I have been watching Big Bang Theory on Netflix. All 9 seasons that are there. So I apologize for being so quiet online.  Why did I want to watch this so you ask? I watched some episodes on TV but just here and there. It has been on for 9 seasons and currently on its 10th, so I wanted to truly give this show a try. I had thought the show was funny, but I didn’t realize how much. I was literally lying on the floor from laughing so much. I absolutely love Sheldon’s character and think that sometimes we need some people to be a little more blunt in the world. Other times I’m like, I don’t know if I would be able to handle his personality because its a lot.

This is definitely a feel good comedy TV show. Whenever I was stressed from writer a paper or just feeling down, I turned on Big Bang Theory and I immediately started feeling better. Let’s be serious, this show brings out the nerd in all of us and I love it! This cast is really talented and so is the writing. I am also loving the female scientist! Smart ladies are sexy, that is fact not fiction.

The episodes are only 30 mins, so be careful how many you binge watch in a day. Also they eat a lot of take out so don’t be alarmed if you start craving Chinese food. It happened to me and I had to go to China Town immediately because my cravings got really bad. Definitely check out this comedy for a good laugh.

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Binge of the Month: Charmed


So Charmed has my most recent binge for the last couple of months. As I was getting ready for my next adventure, I wanted a show with some familiarity. I chose to watch Charmed because I knew I liked the show but I hadn’t seen every single episode. I am so glad that I made the decision to make sure I watched it all the way through. 

If you have never seen Charmed, it is about 3 sisters who find out they are witches. They are very powerful and use their powers to help people and to reach their ultimate destiny. It definitely has strong female characters which is one thing I really like about this show. I also love the sister bond they have. No matter what they go through the sisters always stick together. This show definitely makes me love my sister a little bit more.

This show is supernatural, fantasy, and drama. If you like things like that, then I think you will enjoy it. It is a total of 8 seasons so its a commitment. The whole series is on Netflix so enjoy.

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Binge of the Month: Royal Pains

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My latest binge has been Royal Pains. I had looked to this show here and there but never really committed to the show. I finally decided to click on this show that has been on my list forever. Now that I have finished all I can say is what took me so long? This show is a medical show with a lot of brotherly love. I think that is what makes it different than other medical shows. This one is about 2 brothers, and how this medical practice that they have started has strengthen their relationship. I appreciate the sibling bond in this show and I think that is one of the things I liked best about it. Besides the medicine and the brotherly love, this show does have a little bit of drama to it. With surgery and blood, there is bound to be a little drama. Besides the drama there is some humor that I enjoyed while watching. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the show. Thankfully, I finished all 7 seasons on Netflix before the final season on USA. I am currently watching the final season on USA and it is sad because I just got into this show and it will be over soon. I hope that this post inspires you guys to watch this show because it is worth it.

3 Healthy Ways to Binge

Summer is beginning and its time to get that summer bod and watch that new show you have been dying to start. Instead of laying on the couch, eating pizza, and watching Netflix, here are some healthier alternatives. So before you start watching that new show, try some of these tips to stay a little healthier during the summer.

1.Put your show on while you are cooking a healthy meal.


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Sometimes cooking may seem like a chore but make it a little fun by letting your current binge play in the background. Its also fun when you are cleaning or doing any other work around the house.

2.Watch it at the gym instead of listening to music.


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Before you reach for your typical gym playlist, try watching that you you can’t stop thinking about. It can be just as good as music and sometimes better. Instead of focusing on how long you have been on the treadmill, you are worrying about the current love triangle on Grey’s Anatomy.

3.  Do a workout that for your favorite show. Trust me when I say that they are a workout.greys

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The thing about these workouts are that looks can be deceiving. You think that it will be OK but you don’t realize how much “someone calls for a crash cart” until you watch the show. These workouts may be tough at first but they are really fun and even more fun when you do them with friends.

Hope that these tips are helpful when going on with your summer binges. Keep a lookout for my healthy binge journey and the shows that will go along with it.


Binge of the Month: 90210

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I recently finished watching 90210 on Netflix. I decided to watch this show because my sister kept asking me, and would not take no for an answer. Her persistence lead to me watching the show and to this post. If you like high school dramas, then I think that this show is for you. 90210 is set in Beverly Hills, California following the lives and drama of certain high school students. It has love triangles, California beaches, and so much more. Just to let you know before you watch this show, it is very high school. I just didn’t expect this show to be like that, when I first started it. It isn’t a bad show I just needed to get use to it. You  begin to see the difference of when you watch high school dramas, while in high school than by watching them when you are no longer in high school. Overall, I liked watching this show. It reminded me of Gossip Girl, because the writing seemed to be on the same level. If you like shows like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, then you might enjoy 90210. They all start taking place in high school, and then end up developing some of the same problems throughout the shows. If you need a little drama in your life, try watching this latest binge 90210.

10 Binges of Christmas

Christmas break has officially started and that means binge watching, Netflix, and hot chocolate. Christmas break is a long one and that means tons of time to watch the TV shows that you want. You want to relax, and if you do not know what shows to watch here are some suggestions. Starting off at number 10.


10. Hart of Dixie – 4 seasons. This show is about a doctor from NY who moves down to Bluebell to get a fresh start. She meets people in this town that make her view life differently.


9. Revenge – 4 seasons. This show is about a woman whose father was betrayed. She makes a promise to avenge her father, by getting revenge on all of the people that wronged him.psych-binge

8. Psych – 8 seasons. This show is about a guy who pretends to be a psychic detective. With the help of his best friend, they are able to solve crimes and keep his secret.


7. Merlin – 5 seasons. It is a twist on the legend of King Arthur. This is the Arthur story that you didn’t read in the books. This time the spot light is on Merlin and the adventures are never ending.


6. Friends – 10 seasons. Basically, this show is about 6 friends who all live and hang out in NY. They go through what all friendships go through, but in the end they are still friends no matter how crazy life gets.

5. Charmed – 8 seasons. This is a show about 3 sisters who are witches. With their powers, they have to protect the supernatural world. They do all this while trying to balance, a normal life.


4. Gilmore Girls – 7 seasons. A show about a mother and daughter who are best friends. They try to get through the good and the bad things together, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.


3. Parks and Recreation – 7 seasons. This is a show about the Parks department in Pawnee. This team is definitely one of a kind, but even though they are all very different that is what makes them work. They do whatever they can to make Pawnee better.


2. One Tree Hill – 9 seasons. A high school drama, which is something that we have all probably seen before. This one is definitely one is definitely a must see, and you will get addicted. So much drama, love triangles, and romance. Just watch the 1st season and let me know what you think.


1. The Office – 9 seasons. At number one is a personal favorite of mine. I love this show because of just how funny it is. What happens in a typical office environment? The Office will give you the most extreme versions of what happens in an office from day to day. While doing that, this show will be bringing you some of the best laughs.

I hope these suggestions make your Christmas break a little more merrier. I have all seen of these shows from beginning to end and let me just say that they are all worth a try.

Merry Christmas everyone!



Binge of the Month


My most recent binge has been one of the most popular shows, which is Game of Thrones. I have always wanted to watch this show and I am glad that I did. This show is based on the book series Game of Thrones ( which I plan on reading). This show known for the blood, adult content, and for killing your favorite characters. I am one of those people that get attached to a character so I didn’t know how I would feel about this show. I didn’t like how they were killing off characters at first, but then it was kind of refreshing because it keeps you on your toes. Sometimes when you watch a show  and something terrible is happening to a main character you know they are going to live, because they are important and of course a main character. In this show, you never know what is going to happen which I love and hate. Sometimes I don’t mind when a character I don’t like dies but other times, my heart aches for the ones that I love. Overall, this is a great show with sword fights, blood, death, love, dragons, and drama. If any of that interest you, you should check it out. It is popular for a reason. Just to warn you there is a lot of adult content so if you are not into that, this is not your type of show. I would highly recommend this show, because it has so many characters and storylines. It makes it so enjoyable and keeps you watching.The 5th season has recently finished up.  I can’t wait for the next season which will be on HBO.

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Binge of the Month


My current binge has been of the show Friends. I started it because many of my friends kept suggesting it. I never was really into Friends, I watched it here and there but never got into it. It then came on Netflix, and I was like why not give it a try. I watched all 10 seasons of Friends and I gotta say I really liked it. It was the right amount of funny and seriousness. It definitely is a show that you should see. The characters in this show are great and they brought me many laughs. I love how this show is all about friendship and how over everything they stick together. I love how sensitive Ross is and how he still loves dinosaurs. I love how Rachel decided to go on her own and live her own life. I love how Monica likes everything a certain way and can be controlling. I love how free Pheobe is and how she stay true to what she believes in. I love how Chandler is sarcastic and how he is always there for anyone. I love how Joey loves to eat, and I love how big his heart is. These characters are so good together and I am glad I watched this show. If you want to Binge watch this show for the summer, all 10 seasons are on Netflix.

10 Worthy Summer Binges

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Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. It’s that time of the year again. The time for the beach, tan, and of course binge watching your favorite TV shows. I love this time of year because I have so much more time to watch TV! We all have those certain shows that we watch during the fall, but when the summer comes around they have ended. Do not fear. I am here to give you some suggestions of shows you can binge watch on Netflix this summer.

  • Breaking Bad – 5 seasons This show is about a chemistry teacher who is dying and decides to sell crystal meth to provide for his family. This show has drama and has violence.
  • Merlin – 5 seasons This show is a twist on a classic tale about King Arthur. It shows fantasy, love and a great friendship between Arthur and Merlin.
  • Friday Night Lights- 5 seasons This show is about a football coach that tries to inspire his players on and off the field. It also shows the love of football. This has drama and a lot of football.
  • Gossip Girl – 6 seasons This show is about the most popular kids on the upper east side. They are constantly being watched and none of their secrets are safe. There has romance and tons of drama in this show.
  • Gilmore Girls – 7 seasons This show is about a mother and daughter and how much they love each other. There are definitely ups and downs and their relationship is tested, but they still love each other. This has drama, romance, and family.
  • Psych – 8 seasons This show is about a man who pretends to be psychic to helps the police with cases. He also brings around his best friend to help. This show is a comedy and it has a lot of bromance.
  • Charmed – 8 seasons This is a show about three sisters who are witches and they have to try to save the supernatural world from evil. This show has romance, drama, and a lot of supernatural creatures.
  • One Tree Hill – 9 seasons This show is about a small town, basketball, and a brother rivalry. There is romance and drama and a lot of basketball.
  • The Office – 9 seasons This show is a mockumentary about an office called Dunder Mifflin. Everything that could go wrong in an office happens in this show. It is a Comedy that will have you rolling.
  • Friends – 10 seasons This show is about 6 friends that live in Manhattan. They deal with the struggles of everyday life but in the end they know that they have each other. This is a comedy all about your best friends.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. You have the whole summer to watch one of these or more if you like. These are all shows that have ended, so you won’t have to wait for another season to come to TV. You can find all of these on Netflix and check out the rest of my blog for other shows that I have binged watched.

Binge of the Month


Binge watching has become a regular in households now. Thanks to Netflix, you can watch your favorite shows without commercials for hours a day. I am a huge fan of binge watching and I watch a lot of shows like this. My current binge has been Gilmore Girls, which I found on Netflix. I use to watch reruns of this show on television, but I have never seen every single episode until now . Gilmore Girls is about a mother and a daughter living in a small town and the life they created. Their relationship is so cute but it does have its ups and downs. It has humor and drama and a little romance. Gilmore girls is definitely a show that you need to watch but here are a few tips before you watch. It has 7 seasons so it might take you a while, and do not watch this show on a empty stomach, because this show has a lot of food and you will get hungry. It was so sad to see it end but isn’t it always. For me, I get way to attached to the characters and shows that I watch. I really did enjoy watching this show again. If you enjoy One Tree Hill or Hart of Dixie, you might enjoy this show. I hope you will give it a chance.