Season Finale: Jane The Virgin


If you haven’t watched the season finale for Jane the Virgin STOP READING. There are spoilers ahead.

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The finale as you may already know was focused around Ro & Xo’s wedding. This finale did not disappoint and it was filled with surprises, drama, and questions that need answers. 

1st – Rogelio finally got the child that he wanted but how will that with an ex that he hates and his new marriage to Xiomara?

2nd – Petra & Raphael vs. Jane and Raphael: who does he truly love and who will he end up with? This is a very tangled web with so many layers. I need to see how this turns out.

3rd – The Twisted Sisters: Anezka & Luisa created some type of bond in that cab ride. I’m not gonna lie I think they are awesome villains. Seeing a confident Luisa (even though she is evil) is refreshing. Anyway what will happen to Petra and Raphael not that their sisters have the upper hand.   

4th & Last – Tyler Posey!!! I had heard he would be a part of the show but I didn’t realize he would come during the finale. I was super excited to see him make an appearance because if you can’t tell, I love him. I can not wait to see what his character will bring to the show and what type of love interest he is for Jane. This addition could get a little messy but I can’t wait to see what happens. 

I loved this show and I am already ready for the next season. Unfortunately I have to wait but let us see what next season will bring.  And The Show Must Go On. 

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Women’s History Month: Julie Plec


Continuing with the current theme of Women’s History Month, we will be talking about Julie Plec.

Julie Plec is a producer and writer mostly know for The Vampire Diaries. I remember watching this show in high school and going back to school the next day, and talking to my friends about it. She is also know for the spin off series The Originals. You can say she is doing very well in the television industry. Even though Vampire Diaries ended its long run, The Originals is still going strong. These aren’t the only shows she has wrote for though. She also wrote for The Tomorrow People, Kyle XY and Containment. Not only can she write and produce but she has directed too. She is a woman that is another boss in this industry and a triple threat. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to television in the future. 

  There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Please comment below if there are any other women in the television that should be recognized for their role. And The Show Must Go On.

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No Tomorrow

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No Tomorrow is a show coming to CW this fall. A woman finds a beautiful man (with an accent I might add) one day and hopes she sees him again. She thinks that since his package accidentally was sent to her address, it is some kind of sign that this guy might be the one. She follows her instinct only to find out that the guy believes that the world will end in a couple of months. At first she thinks he is crazy, but then he shows her how to live each day with purpose. His methods can be a little extreme and the question is, is she ready to live her life like there is No Tomorrow? I am not sure how this show will turn out. CW has been doing very well on their show line up and I am proud to say that I was wrong about some of their more popular shows. CW has a way of surprising me and I think that this show fits well into their dynamic. I will be checking it out when it comes to TV. Keep a lookout for this show this fall and let me know what you think.


Women’s History Month: Gina Rodriguez


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Here is another one of my favorite women in television. She is a new face to the screen for me. I first saw her in Jane the Virgin on CW. I didn’t fall in love with her as an actress until she won her Golden Globe. It was really her acceptance speech that got me. She just seemed so genuine and I love rooting for the underdog. The thing about that Golden Globe was that no one expected her to win and she ended up winning. She also handled her acceptance speech with grace. One line in her speech which I loved was “I can and I did.”   I thought those couple of words said so much and were very powerful. I also thought it was a perfect ending for a speech. She is a very beautiful women and also very humble. One thing I love is how she always thanks the people around her anytime she is given any type of award or recognition. She also takes the time to recognize other people before her, and the accomplishments they have done. She just has so much grace and she is one of those people you can see being good friends with.  She has been named the next big thing and also named one of the top 35 Latinos under 35 by The Hollywood Reporter.I suggest that you all see Jane the Virgin because it is an amazing show.It has drama, and love triangles, and also some humor.  You should also see it because Gina Rodriquez is the main character and because this is only the beginning for her. I hope to see great things for Gina Rodriguez in the future and I will definitely be following her career.

What Will August Bring?


Its August! Unfortunately August means, summer will be coming to an end. So you will have to say goodbye to those summer shows. Now that August is here it means that fall is just around the corner. With fall it brings, your favorite fall shows! Lets start out with the goodbyes and guilty pleasures of summer. A show we will have to say goodbye to for the summer is UnReal. It has been one of the hottest shows this summer. It has also been a guilty pleasure of mine. I have been tuning into Lifetime every week and now that it is over I am lost for the summer. Since we are on the subject of guilty pleasures, one that I watch almost every summer is Big Brother on CBS. Being in a house secluded from the outside world, is crazy and addicting at the same time. A few favorites of mine for the summer are Teen Wolf on MTV , Beauty and the Beast on CW, and Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. These shows I make sure to watch every summer when they are on because I just love them and can’t stop. So enough about summer lets talk about the fall. So the great thing about fall is that all your favorite shows will be coming back. Along with your favorites, there will be some new shows coming up this season. One that has been talked about a lot is Scream Queens which will be coming to Fox this fall. Some other shows are Grandfathered with John Stamos and Josh Peck. Muppets which will be premiering this fall and I wonder what will happen on the show now that Miss Piggy and Kermit are calling it quits. The last show is Blood and Oil with Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. This show will be coming this fall on ABC. These are just a few new shows coming this fall. Keep a look out on my blog for more info on upcoming shows.

10 New Shows to Watch Over Break


Easter Break is coming up and you are probably looking for a new show to start watching. If not, here are some suggestions anyway. All the shows I’m about to mention have 2 seasons or less, so it will be pretty easier for you to watch all the episodes over the break. We will the start the countdown at number 10.

10.Backstrom – If you are a fan of The Office then you might know Rainn Wilson aka Dwight. In this new show, he plays a detective that is rough around the edges. He isn’t your ordinary detective though, he doesn’t care how he solves a case just as long as he does it. He breaks a lot of rules to find the bad guy and adds a little humor while doing it. If you like crime shows or if you just want to see Rain Wilson on television again, check out this show. It comes on Thursdays on Fox.


9.Young and Hungry – This show is a cute little comedy about a girl with a passion for cooking and the successful businessman she works for. In this show you will see Emily Osment and Jessie McCartney and others actors too. The cook named Gabi played by Emily Osment makes a dinner for her boss on the first day, for him to purpose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his girlfriend dumps him and Gabi is left there to comfort him. She ends up in bed with him the next morning, also the next day he gets back together with his girlfriend. Throughout this show you see how that drama unfolds in a comedic way. Check this show out Wednesdays on ABC Family.

8.Undateable – This show is about a bunch of friends that hang out in a bar and discuss their dating troubles. All of these people seem to have the worst dating experiences in this show. You might know Bridgit Mendler from Good Luck Charlie, she has just joined the cast for its 2nd season. This cast has a strange mix of characters but it works for them and it makes the show even funnier. This is a fun little comedy that if you like to laugh you should give it chance.It comes on Thursdays on NBC.


7.Blackish – This show is a comedy about an African American family and the things that they deal with on a daily basis. This show is currently on its first season and has become very popular. I was hesitant about this show at first but trust me if you enjoy comedies you will like this show. This show comes on ABC on Wednesdays.

6.The Originals – This is a supernatural drama show dealing with The original vampires. This is a spin off of  The Vampire Diaries so if you like that show you might want to try this one out. This show is about the vampires trying take back New Orleans, which is the place they call home. In this show, you will see vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and witches. This show is currently on its 2nd season and you can check it out on CW on Mondays.

5.Eye Candy – This show is in the drama and horror genre. Victoria Justice from Zoey 101 and Victorious, now plays a girl named Lindy who is great with a computer. In this show, she is being stalked by someone she met on a dating app and this person is killing everyone close to her. She works with the police to try to catch the criminal. Just to warn you there’s a lot of blood and it gets kind of gruesome but that is why it is such a good show. If you like suspense, crime, or drama this show is perfect for you. The first season currently ended but you can catch up on MTV website.

4.Fresh Off The Boat – This is another comedy that I watch and let me tell you that this show will have you rolling. It is a show about an Asian family that moved to Orlando. The show focuses around the oldest son who has a love for hip hop. This is definitely something new on television and I believe that is why it is so popular. To see this hilarious show catch it Tuesdays on ABC.


3. How to Get Away With Murder – You may have heard of this new show by Shonda Rhimes. A lawyer teaches a college class on how to get away with murder. She also lets 5 students work for her and they experience the law in the real world. But little do they know how their lives will change. It has been very popular and the suspense and drama is so good. This show has a lot of crime and also murder. If you would like to check this show out, it comes on ABC on Thursdays.

2.Jane the Virgin – This is another comedy that I enjoy. It is about a virgin that becomes pregnant, and yes she is still a virgin. This show is so cute and funny and it is kind of like the American version of a telenovela. But let us not forget all the drama that this show has, yes it is a comedy but it is not lacking in the drama department. This show is still on its first season and you can catch it on CW on Mondays.

1. Empire – Let me just say that this show is HOT HOT HOT! This show has been breaking records in the television industry and has been able to increase its fan base every week. This show is about the hip hop music industry. The man that started Empire has a terminal disease and will has to choose between his 3 sons on who will take over when he dies. Also his ex wife Cookie has just been released from jail and she wants the part of the company that is hers. This show is about family and has so much drama you won’t believe. This show is a phenomenon and that is the reason it is #1 on this list. It just finished up on season one so catch up with empire before season 2.

I hope helps you out when deciding what to watch this Easter Break.  And if you were wondering, yes I do watch all of these shows and they are all definitely worth watching.

Do We Say Goodbye?


Hart of Dixie finale was everything. It had a little bit of comedy, some bluebell flare and of course the happy ending everyone deserved. Just to warn you before you read on, I will be mentioning some spoilers. If you haven’t seen it yet you might want to stop reading, but if you have or you don’t care you can keep reading. Here we go! Let’s just say I enjoyed this finale very much. There were two weddings which included Zoe and Wade and Lemon and Lavon. There was also the birth of a baby boy which the whole town gathered to see. Some other things that happened were that George and Annabeth love each other , Rose is going to Columbia, Zoe was made partner by Brick. The one thing that was the best was the musical at the end and it included the whole town. The real question is, is this the end for Hart of Dixie? This was a great finale but is it Hart of Dixie’s final season? There have been rumors and speculation about this being the final season. I honestly want this show to have another season. This show is super cute and I love it. I know all good things must come to an end but I don’t want this one to yet. If you want to watch this show, you can see episodes on Netflix, Hulu, and CW.

Beauty and The Beast Renewed!


I was so happy when I heard the news that Beauty and The Beast will be coming back May 21st on CW. This will be there 3rd season and I know it will be a good one. The news that put it over the top was that it got renewed for a 4th season! I was so happy. This was some of the best news that I have heard and I can’t wait until the season premiere. I actually really enjoy this show, but it has been having trouble keeping up its ratings. The one thing that is great about this show is the fan base because they fight for this show and CW has noticed and continued to air the show. I am so glad that I have two more seasons to see this show and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. If you like sci- fi , or romance you should give this show a try. The past two seasons are on Netflix if you want to catch up before the 3rd season. I was going through withdrawal but now I know it is coming soon so I am ready for Beauty and the Beast. I am ready to see what challenges they go through and the romance.

Get Ready for the New Year!

downton abbey

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your New Years Eve and New Years Day was great.  With a new year,  it brings new shows and I can’t wait till that happens. New shows will start and existing shows will be back! Here is the layout for January. January 4Galavant will premiere and Revenge returns to ABC, Downton Abbey returns to Masterpiece Classic. Galavant is a new show that is a musical and it will be a 4 week extravaganza. It is a comedy that ultimately is about a man trying to win back a girl that he loved and lost. January 6Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family. January 7Blackish returns to ABC and Empire premieres on Fox. Empire is a show about the hip hop music industry and the work behind it. This show is about the battle for power and about family. January 9Hart of Dixie returns to CW. January 12Eye Candy premieres on MTV.  Eye Candy is a new show with actress Victoria Justice. It is about a serial killer that keeps killing people that are on a certain dating site. Victoria Justice’s character goes undercover, by dating people on this website to try to find the killer. January 19The Originals returns to CW. January 22The Vampire Diaries returns to CW and Backstrom premieres on Fox. Backstrom is also a new show premiering this month. Rainn Wilson from The Office, is the main character in this show. In this show, he plays a detective that brings comedy to each episode. He does this by his insults and blunt remarks while also solving crimes. January 29 – TGIT comes back and that includes Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder on ABC. This is just some of the shows that I will be watching this month and I can not wait for them to come back on. I am currently having withdrawal, but its not so bad when you have Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, the show Friends has just been added and I am super excited about that. I think I just found a new show to binge watch. I hope this list helps everyone for all their favorite shows in the New Year. A New Year with new drama, laughs, and love. I wonder what surprises these shows will bring in the year 2015.

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Sebastian Roche Coming To OUAT

sebastian roche

You may know this face as Mikael, on The Originals. He is the father of the original vampires and is feared because of his urge to kill them all. But he will be taking a break from that villainous role, as he goes on another show for a guest appearance. If you are a Once Upon A Time (OUAT) fan, then you will be seeing his face soon. He will joining the OUAT family for the second part of the most recent season. He will be playing the father of Aurora and it will be showing his troubles with Maleficent. I am super excited for him to appear on OUAT. I personally enjoy when actors or actresses double dip in shows that I watch, meaning, playing in different shows that I enjoy weekly. I am a committed watcher of The Originals and Once Upon A Time and I can’t wait to see what Sebastian Roche does with his character in his guest appearance. If you would like more information about this, check out Once Upon A Time on Twitter and Facebook. Once Upon A Time will have many new twist and turns coming and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us viewers. Make sure you are ready to watch Once Upon a Time when it comes back next year.