Guess Who is Coming Back to TV

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

I just heard some of the best news and I had to share it with the world. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are coming back to TV!

I am a huge Parks and Recreation fan and I am jumping with joy from this news!  Unfortunately, it will not be their characters Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope. Instead of a scripted show this is going to be a reality TV series. 

The show will be called The Handmade Project and it is a competition show. This show will be showing all different types of people that will be making/ crafting different projects each episode. Their artwork will then be shown to a panel of judges, which is where the competition aspect will come in. Both Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman seem very excited to be a part of this show. I am excited to see the premiere of this show and I can not wait to see them together again!

If you want to read more about the show, click on the link below.

This show will be coming to NBC so keep a lookout. And don’t forget that The Show Must Go On. 

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This is Us


I have heard a lot of buzz over this show. I saw the trailer and fell in love with this heart felt drama because, let’s get serious, it is right up my alley. The reason I finally decided to watch the pilot was because a friend of mine. She messaged me as soon as she watched it and said I had to watch it because it would be something that I would love. She was right. I watched the pilot and was officially hooked on this drama and wanted to know more.

This show is about different people going through different things but are all in someway connected. There are 3 main story lines. One is about a couple about to have triplets. Another is about a brother and sister figuring out their lives. The last one is about a man and his search for his birth father.

I will say the pilot is one you should watch. I don’t want to give anything away so if you watch the whole episode you will see how they are all connected. I will say that I was so excited to see that Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia playing some of the main characters in the show. I can not wait to see the rest of the season.  It comes on Tuesdays on NBC if interested and you definitely should be.

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If you are looking for a new comedy, Superstore is not a bad one to watch. I have seen the first 4 episodes and they are not bad. I did have an occasional chuckle throughout these episodes.  So far it has been pretty good, it definitely has potential to be great. I am testing the waters on this one because I am not completely sure how I feel about it. It is definitely not the best comedy I have ever seen, but I think that it could get there. The beginning of this show was good, it just needs a couple more episodes so that it has a good foundation. Superstore is a comedy about a store that sells everything that you can possibly imagine. The main focus of the show is on the employees that work there and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Also Incorporated in the show, you see the strange customers that come in there from day to day. Let’s just say that they are an interesting crowd. One thing that I am excited about is that America Ferrera is back on television. Overall, my review of this show is that is basically like every other comedy and it needs more to make it stand out. I think that it is possible and I hope to see more in the upcoming episodes. If you are interested in this comedy, it comes on NBC on Monday nights.

Get Ready for What is Coming?


Okay so get ready because right now there is going to be a lot of information coming your way. September is one of my favorite, because of all the TV shows that return. Lets get started!

Tuesday, September 22 – Scream Queens on Fox and The Muppets on ABC

These two shows will both be new to TV this fall. They both have been talked about a lot. I can’t wait to see what their premiere’s will be like.

Wednesday, September 23 – Empire on Fox and Nashville on ABC

These are both musical shows that will returning this fall. The first is a show with hip hop and r&b music. The second is a show about country music. Can’t wait to see the new music that these shows will bring.

Thursday, September 24 – TGIT on ABC

You know what that means; Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. This triple threat is what I have been waiting for all summer. There will drama and powerful leading ladies. I wonder what these shows have in store for us this year.

Sunday, September 27  – Once Upon A Time on ABC and Blood & Oil on ABC

In OUAT, the fairytales get even bigger and who will we be meeting? Blood & Oil is a new show that will be coming to ABC and I am interested to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, September 29 – Grandfathered on Fox

John Stamos and Josh Peck. Enough Said.

Wednesday, September 30 – Chicago P.D. on NBC

The drama of the police force in this show is heating up. I looking forward to seeing Sophia Bush again.

I personally am looking forward to all these shows and I hope that you are too. Fall is going to be interesting and busy, so keep an eye out for other shows coming out later in the season.

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10 New Shows to Watch Over Break


Easter Break is coming up and you are probably looking for a new show to start watching. If not, here are some suggestions anyway. All the shows I’m about to mention have 2 seasons or less, so it will be pretty easier for you to watch all the episodes over the break. We will the start the countdown at number 10.

10.Backstrom – If you are a fan of The Office then you might know Rainn Wilson aka Dwight. In this new show, he plays a detective that is rough around the edges. He isn’t your ordinary detective though, he doesn’t care how he solves a case just as long as he does it. He breaks a lot of rules to find the bad guy and adds a little humor while doing it. If you like crime shows or if you just want to see Rain Wilson on television again, check out this show. It comes on Thursdays on Fox.


9.Young and Hungry – This show is a cute little comedy about a girl with a passion for cooking and the successful businessman she works for. In this show you will see Emily Osment and Jessie McCartney and others actors too. The cook named Gabi played by Emily Osment makes a dinner for her boss on the first day, for him to purpose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his girlfriend dumps him and Gabi is left there to comfort him. She ends up in bed with him the next morning, also the next day he gets back together with his girlfriend. Throughout this show you see how that drama unfolds in a comedic way. Check this show out Wednesdays on ABC Family.

8.Undateable – This show is about a bunch of friends that hang out in a bar and discuss their dating troubles. All of these people seem to have the worst dating experiences in this show. You might know Bridgit Mendler from Good Luck Charlie, she has just joined the cast for its 2nd season. This cast has a strange mix of characters but it works for them and it makes the show even funnier. This is a fun little comedy that if you like to laugh you should give it chance.It comes on Thursdays on NBC.


7.Blackish – This show is a comedy about an African American family and the things that they deal with on a daily basis. This show is currently on its first season and has become very popular. I was hesitant about this show at first but trust me if you enjoy comedies you will like this show. This show comes on ABC on Wednesdays.

6.The Originals – This is a supernatural drama show dealing with The original vampires. This is a spin off of  The Vampire Diaries so if you like that show you might want to try this one out. This show is about the vampires trying take back New Orleans, which is the place they call home. In this show, you will see vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and witches. This show is currently on its 2nd season and you can check it out on CW on Mondays.

5.Eye Candy – This show is in the drama and horror genre. Victoria Justice from Zoey 101 and Victorious, now plays a girl named Lindy who is great with a computer. In this show, she is being stalked by someone she met on a dating app and this person is killing everyone close to her. She works with the police to try to catch the criminal. Just to warn you there’s a lot of blood and it gets kind of gruesome but that is why it is such a good show. If you like suspense, crime, or drama this show is perfect for you. The first season currently ended but you can catch up on MTV website.

4.Fresh Off The Boat – This is another comedy that I watch and let me tell you that this show will have you rolling. It is a show about an Asian family that moved to Orlando. The show focuses around the oldest son who has a love for hip hop. This is definitely something new on television and I believe that is why it is so popular. To see this hilarious show catch it Tuesdays on ABC.


3. How to Get Away With Murder – You may have heard of this new show by Shonda Rhimes. A lawyer teaches a college class on how to get away with murder. She also lets 5 students work for her and they experience the law in the real world. But little do they know how their lives will change. It has been very popular and the suspense and drama is so good. This show has a lot of crime and also murder. If you would like to check this show out, it comes on ABC on Thursdays.

2.Jane the Virgin – This is another comedy that I enjoy. It is about a virgin that becomes pregnant, and yes she is still a virgin. This show is so cute and funny and it is kind of like the American version of a telenovela. But let us not forget all the drama that this show has, yes it is a comedy but it is not lacking in the drama department. This show is still on its first season and you can catch it on CW on Mondays.

1. Empire – Let me just say that this show is HOT HOT HOT! This show has been breaking records in the television industry and has been able to increase its fan base every week. This show is about the hip hop music industry. The man that started Empire has a terminal disease and will has to choose between his 3 sons on who will take over when he dies. Also his ex wife Cookie has just been released from jail and she wants the part of the company that is hers. This show is about family and has so much drama you won’t believe. This show is a phenomenon and that is the reason it is #1 on this list. It just finished up on season one so catch up with empire before season 2.

I hope helps you out when deciding what to watch this Easter Break.  And if you were wondering, yes I do watch all of these shows and they are all definitely worth watching.



This is a new show that I have started recently watching just here and there. It is a comedy about a bunch of friends that hang out in a bar and talk about their dating troubles. These people have some of the worst luck when trying to date, hence the name Undateable. I first heard of this show because Bridgit Mendler was going to join the cast for the 2nd season. I started to watch the first season and I really enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive to watch it because of the trailers, but it is definitely hilarious. I am glad that Bridgit Mendler is joining the cast for the 2nd season and I looking forward to her character developing more during the series. Undateable comes on NBC on Tuesdays and you can catch up on the first season on Hulu. The first few episodes of the 2nd season are also on Hulu. This show is an interesting mix of characters and I feel that they all bring something different to the table. That is one reason it is so funny and the reason it got a  2nd season. This is a cute little comedy show that definitely has its funny moments and I can’t wait to see what this season will bring. I suggest if you want to try a new show that will put a smile on your face, then you nee to try Undateable.

Coming this February


There will be two shows coming back this month. It will not be as much as the month of January but at least you do not have to wait anymore to see these shows.

  • Nashville will be coming back February 4 on ABC
  • The Night Shift will be coming back February 23 on NBC

Nashville left off when the wedding of the year between Rayna and Luke got called off. Gunnar is not the father of the boy his ex left with him, as he found out on the last episode. It turned out that the kid was his brother’s who had passed away. Scarlett gets back on stage for the first time since her meltdown and performs with confidence. Let us not forget about the Juliette and Avery wedding and can not wait for the baby. There is also the problem with the marriage of Will and Layla and how she can no longer live like this.

The Night Shift which is a new show that premiered for the first time during the summer of 2014. It did so well that it got renewed for a 2nd season! It is another medical show taking place in a hospital but instead it is during the night shift hence the name. I wonder what the upcoming season will bring and what couples will form. Of course there is drama and love triangles. I am excited for both of these shows to come back and of course what the seasons will bring.



Since it is the Christmas season and we focus on giving and some of us the birth of Jesus, I thought I would post about a show that is more on religious side called A.D. This show will be premiering in the spring of 2015 on Easter Sunday. It will be picking up where the show The Bible left off. This show A.D. will be following the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It will be an epic event and will be premiering on Easter which is a perfect date. Easter is important religious holiday and Jesus rose on Easter after his crucifixion, which is what the show will be about. I have never seen The Bible, but I plan on watching it before A.D. comes out. I want to be caught up and know everything that is going on. Just from the trailer, the show looks pretty epic and I am actually looking forward to it. The Bible was successful and I suspect the same thing for A.D.  If you are interested,  April 5 this show will be premiering on NBC.  If you are still apprehensive, check out the trailer below.


Coming in November


In November, the shows that will premiere are Covert Affairs, which is one of my favorites and State of Affairs which is a new show. I love Piper Perabo and Covert Affairs so much I have been counting the days until it came back on. It premiered November 7th on USA, so you can catch the next episode on Thursday. A new show that you guys should check out is State of Affairs  and it will premiere on Monday, November 17th. I am interested to see Katherine Heigl in this show and how it turns out. We all know about the incident she had with Grey’s Anatomy. I wonder if this show will end up the same for her as that or will she learn from the mistakes she made? We will learn once it comes on NBC. Can’t wait for it and I’ll let you know what I think.

State of Affairs


Many of you know Katherine Heigl from Greys Anatomy and many other movies. Others may know Alfre Woodard who is also a well known actress that has played in Beauty Shop, A Family That Preys and many others. Both of these women are going to be on a new show called State of Affairs. I watched the trailer and it looks amazing. These two women are bonded by a man in this show. Katherine Heigl’s character was in a relationship with Alfre Woodard character’s son, who is the man that bonded them. He was murdered in front of them and they both are still getting over it. This show has the white house as a setting and it has action, murder, and terrorist. It is an exciting mix for a show. It reminds me of Scandal because they both have a woman as the main character and these women are very independent and strong willed. Both of these shows deal with the white house which is another reason it reminds me of Scandal. I think this show will be very interesting to see I personally can’t wait for it. It premieres this fall on NBC. I think everyone should check out the trailer below.