Women’s History Month: Sophia Bush


It is sadly the last post of women’s history month. For this post I will be talking about Sophia Bush!

I absolutely love Sophia Bush. I first saw her in One Tree Hill as Brooke Davis. You can never forget about Brooke Davis. Sophia Bush spent years on our television screens making us laugh, angry, and cry with everything that Brook Davis had to go through.

You can now see Sophia Bush on Chicago P.D. It is a different role than Brooke Davis but I think she plays the part really well. It is nice to see her in a different role and excel at it. One thing I like about Sophia Bush is that if she believes in something she isn’t afraid to show it. I love her as an actress and I hope to see her in more things. 

There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

And The Show Must Go On

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14 TV Couples Who Are Valentine’s Day Goals

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am so sorry that this post is late. I have been so busy lately but I really wanted to get a post out for you guys. Here are my 14 TV couples that are relationship goals.

14. Scarlett and Gunner – Nashville


They have had their ups and downs but the power of country music always seems to bring them together.

13. Pacey and Joey – Dawson’s Creek


This is one of the couples that you never saw coming. Once they fell for each other it was hard not to like them.

12. Jane and Michael – Jane The Virgin


I decided to put this couple in as a tribute. They were always so cute together and Michael never stopped loving her.

11. Zoe & Wade – Hart of Dixie

The Big Day

This couple is the definition of opposites attract. Neither of them thought that their journey would lead to marriage and a baby, but I loved it.

10. Emily & Richard – Gilmore Girls


I love this couple so much. Emily and Richard were a perfect match and compliment each other so well.

9. Luke & Lorelai – Gilmore Girls


Waiting for them to finally admit their feelings for each other was agony. It was worth it though and I love them.

8. Emily & Aiden – Revenge


They understood each other so well and faced a lot of the same pain. They were so in love and I never wanted their love to end.

7. Piper & Leo – Charmed


This couple broke all the rules by being together. They didn’t care becasue they loved each other so much and finally got their happily ever after.

6. Jack & Rebecca – This is Us


This is a new couple but a good one. I enjoy watching their story unfold and how they continue to care for each other.

5. Snowing – Once Upon A Time


AKA Snow White and Prince Charming. They are literally a prince and a princess that always find each other.

4. Lydia & Stiles – Teen Wolf


YES! They are finally a couple so I can include them in this list. I have shipped them since the beginning and I am so happy these two are finally together.

3. Chuck & Blair – Gossip Girl


These two were like a roller coaster. They were two schemers that were meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

2. Derek & Meredith – Grey’s Anatomy


They will forever be in my heart. Their road to love was not an easy one. They have endured so much trauma but still were able to keep their family together.

1. Nathan & Haley – One Tree Hill


These guys gave us 9 seasons of their true love. They changed the rules on when you should get married and proved no matter what comes your way true love prevails.

I hope you guys like this list and I wish I could include more. These are only my opinion and it was hard to make. If you agree or disagree with my list, please comment below. I would love to hear your favorite TV couples. And The Show Must Go On.

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This show was previously on USA and I wanted to watch it but I just never got to it. Now it is on Netflix. Let’s just say that after I watched it, I was not disappointed. This show is about a Sniper named Bob Lee Swagger played by Ryan Phillippe. Bob Lee Swagger was in the military and tries to do the right thing and help a friend. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned. He ended up being framed for killing the President.Now what will he do when all fingers are pointed at him?

There is something else that you should know about this show. You will not be able to see the whole season on Netflix. The episodes come weekly instead of all at once, which is not how I like it but it does keep me interested. I am excited to see what will happen in the next episode.

A bonus is that Shantel VanSanten who played Quinn on One Tree Hill plays Julie Swagger who is the wife of the Sniper. I am glad to see her on TV again and can’t wait to see how her character deals with the predicament that her husband is in. Just to remind you that is it on Netflix and new episodes will be coming every week so make sure to keep up. 

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10 Binges of Christmas

Christmas break has officially started and that means binge watching, Netflix, and hot chocolate. Christmas break is a long one and that means tons of time to watch the TV shows that you want. You want to relax, and if you do not know what shows to watch here are some suggestions. Starting off at number 10.

hart-dixie    playbuzz.com

10. Hart of Dixie – 4 seasons. This show is about a doctor from NY who moves down to Bluebell to get a fresh start. She meets people in this town that make her view life differently.

revenge-binge          zanda.com

9. Revenge – 4 seasons. This show is about a woman whose father was betrayed. She makes a promise to avenge her father, by getting revenge on all of the people that wronged him.psych-binge theinnocentsmiley.com

8. Psych – 8 seasons. This show is about a guy who pretends to be a psychic detective. With the help of his best friend, they are able to solve crimes and keep his secret.

merlin-binge fantasymoviepodcast.com

7. Merlin – 5 seasons. It is a twist on the legend of King Arthur. This is the Arthur story that you didn’t read in the books. This time the spot light is on Merlin and the adventures are never ending.

friends-christmas alansjourney.com

6. Friends – 10 seasons. Basically, this show is about 6 friends who all live and hang out in NY. They go through what all friendships go through, but in the end they are still friends no matter how crazy life gets.


5. Charmed – 8 seasons. This is a show about 3 sisters who are witches. With their powers, they have to protect the supernatural world. They do all this while trying to balance, a normal life.

gilmore-girls-christmas vandegriftvoice.com

4. Gilmore Girls – 7 seasons. A show about a mother and daughter who are best friends. They try to get through the good and the bad things together, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

parks-and-rec wired.com

3. Parks and Recreation – 7 seasons. This is a show about the Parks department in Pawnee. This team is definitely one of a kind, but even though they are all very different that is what makes them work. They do whatever they can to make Pawnee better.

one-tree-binge etonline.com

2. One Tree Hill – 9 seasons. A high school drama, which is something that we have all probably seen before. This one is definitely one is definitely a must see, and you will get addicted. So much drama, love triangles, and romance. Just watch the 1st season and let me know what you think.

the-office                        theoffice-quotes.tumblr.com

1. The Office – 9 seasons. At number one is a personal favorite of mine. I love this show because of just how funny it is. What happens in a typical office environment? The Office will give you the most extreme versions of what happens in an office from day to day. While doing that, this show will be bringing you some of the best laughs.

I hope these suggestions make your Christmas break a little more merrier. I have all seen of these shows from beginning to end and let me just say that they are all worth a try.

Merry Christmas everyone!



10 Worthy Summer Binges

merlin-summer     photo from www.fanpop.com

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. It’s that time of the year again. The time for the beach, tan, and of course binge watching your favorite TV shows. I love this time of year because I have so much more time to watch TV! We all have those certain shows that we watch during the fall, but when the summer comes around they have ended. Do not fear. I am here to give you some suggestions of shows you can binge watch on Netflix this summer.

  • Breaking Bad – 5 seasons This show is about a chemistry teacher who is dying and decides to sell crystal meth to provide for his family. This show has drama and has violence.
  • Merlin – 5 seasons This show is a twist on a classic tale about King Arthur. It shows fantasy, love and a great friendship between Arthur and Merlin.
  • Friday Night Lights- 5 seasons This show is about a football coach that tries to inspire his players on and off the field. It also shows the love of football. This has drama and a lot of football.
  • Gossip Girl – 6 seasons This show is about the most popular kids on the upper east side. They are constantly being watched and none of their secrets are safe. There has romance and tons of drama in this show.
  • Gilmore Girls – 7 seasons This show is about a mother and daughter and how much they love each other. There are definitely ups and downs and their relationship is tested, but they still love each other. This has drama, romance, and family.
  • Psych – 8 seasons This show is about a man who pretends to be psychic to helps the police with cases. He also brings around his best friend to help. This show is a comedy and it has a lot of bromance.
  • Charmed – 8 seasons This is a show about three sisters who are witches and they have to try to save the supernatural world from evil. This show has romance, drama, and a lot of supernatural creatures.
  • One Tree Hill – 9 seasons This show is about a small town, basketball, and a brother rivalry. There is romance and drama and a lot of basketball.
  • The Office – 9 seasons This show is a mockumentary about an office called Dunder Mifflin. Everything that could go wrong in an office happens in this show. It is a Comedy that will have you rolling.
  • Friends – 10 seasons This show is about 6 friends that live in Manhattan. They deal with the struggles of everyday life but in the end they know that they have each other. This is a comedy all about your best friends.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. You have the whole summer to watch one of these or more if you like. These are all shows that have ended, so you won’t have to wait for another season to come to TV. You can find all of these on Netflix and check out the rest of my blog for other shows that I have binged watched.

Binge of the Month


Binge watching has become a regular in households now. Thanks to Netflix, you can watch your favorite shows without commercials for hours a day. I am a huge fan of binge watching and I watch a lot of shows like this. My current binge has been Gilmore Girls, which I found on Netflix. I use to watch reruns of this show on television, but I have never seen every single episode until now . Gilmore Girls is about a mother and a daughter living in a small town and the life they created. Their relationship is so cute but it does have its ups and downs. It has humor and drama and a little romance. Gilmore girls is definitely a show that you need to watch but here are a few tips before you watch. It has 7 seasons so it might take you a while, and do not watch this show on a empty stomach, because this show has a lot of food and you will get hungry. It was so sad to see it end but isn’t it always. For me, I get way to attached to the characters and shows that I watch. I really did enjoy watching this show again. If you enjoy One Tree Hill or Hart of Dixie, you might enjoy this show. I hope you will give it a chance.

50th: The Cast Makes The Show

We all have our favorite shows and one of the reasons we like them is because of the cast. A cast that gets along is the key to a great show. What makes me enjoy a show even more is that the people enjoy working with each other. We all see what is happening on screen but what you might not know is that the actors of these shows hang out on and off the set. The bond that they have is so amazing that you wouldn’t want to stop watching the show they are on.

one-tree-hill-reunion-3One Tree Hill

Still keep in contact after so many years and recently had a reunion. If you check them out on social media you can see how much they talk to each other.

scandal selfiesScandal

This show is very popular and the cast gets along so well. They get together and watch the Scandal episodes so that they can tweet with the fans. Shonda Rhimes created a great atmosphere and cast, that is one reason why her shows are so successful

. teen wolf boysTeen Wolf

This is another cast that I enjoy so much. They are a great mix of people and they get along so well.  Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, and Dylan O’Brien have all lived together and they all get along so well.

vacation babyBaby Daddy

This is one comedy that I absolutely love and what makes it better is the cast. They are really close that they even vacation together sometimes. PLL castPretty Little Liars

There may be a lot of drama on screen but off screen these are tons of good vibes. If you check out their Instagram, you will see that all of them post about each other. They take tons of selfies with each other  and some of my favorites are Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell. They are best friends in real life and I can’t get enough of them.

These are just a few of the shows that I watch and love on and off set. They have great chemistry and love being around each other and that is what people want from a cast. The fans don’t want it all to be fiction, they want their favorite actors and actresses to like working with each other. These shows prove that right by having great chemistry, fan base, and a successful show. If you want to see some of this chemistry for yourself, check out their Twitter and Instagram. Trust me when I say it will make you love the show even more.

Flashback Friday – One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill Reunion! If you do not follow the cast of One Tree Hill on social media ( especially instagram), then you need to start. Over the past weekend, the cast of One Tree Hill got together in Paris for a convention. Among the cast was Sophia Bush , Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Paul Johansson, Robert Buckley, Shantel VanSanten, Stephan Colletti, Torrey Devitto and many others.

This show is one of my favorites, from beginning to end. The premiere episode was great and it reeled me in. I became addicted and enjoyed the journey for 9 seasons. The final episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was sad that this journey had ended but happy about the final episode because it ended beautifully. The only thing that could make this show better is if they had a reunion season. One Tree Hill was a great show and the cast was great on and off screen. Lets not forget about the theme song, given to us by the talented Gavin Degraw. “I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately” Yes, people sing it loud! Netflix has all 9 seasons if anyone is in the mood for a marathon. Let me just leave you with a few pictures from the reunion. Enjoy!PhotoGrid_1414119607275 PhotoGrid_1414119679847 PhotoGrid_1414119761680

Dawson’s Creek… Finally!


I started watching Dawson’s Creek during the end of the summer on Netflix and I just finished it last week.  The reason it took me so long was because Netflix took it down before I had a chance to finish and I had to use another source. Thank goodness for YouTube! I am so glad that I finished this show and I enjoyed it a lot. It is an old show and it takes a while to get into it. After a while, you become addicted and you love it. There is so much to love about this show. There are the love triangles friendship and childhood dreams. This show is compared to One Tree Hill very often. They are both shot in the same area and many of the characters are similar.  Dawson’s Creek was definitely worth this long difficult journey of figuring out how to watch it. Dawson’s Creek is available on YouTube, give it a try.

Here is a little comparison of Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.