Guess Who is Coming Back to TV

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

I just heard some of the best news and I had to share it with the world. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are coming back to TV!

I am a huge Parks and Recreation fan and I am jumping with joy from this news!  Unfortunately, it will not be their characters Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope. Instead of a scripted show this is going to be a reality TV series. 

The show will be called The Handmade Project and it is a competition show. This show will be showing all different types of people that will be making/ crafting different projects each episode. Their artwork will then be shown to a panel of judges, which is where the competition aspect will come in. Both Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman seem very excited to be a part of this show. I am excited to see the premiere of this show and I can not wait to see them together again!

If you want to read more about the show, click on the link below.

This show will be coming to NBC so keep a lookout. And don’t forget that The Show Must Go On. 

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Brooklyn Nine Nine


I just finished watching 2 seasons of Brooklyn Nine Nine and I can’t get enough. This show of course was recommended by a friend. She told me that she was laughing all day just from watching it. I watched it and completely agreed with her. The first episode was somewhat funny, but I had to watch a few more for the show to really get to me. This show is about a cop named Jake Peralta. He is one of the best cops and loves his job. His work ethic is unique but soon changes when the new captain is assigned and makes him follow the rules.  If you like The Office or Parks and Rec, you will probably like this comedy. I could only watch the first 2 seasons on Netflix but I plan on catching up and watching more. I’ll keep you updated on what I think about the rest.

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10 Binges of Christmas

Christmas break has officially started and that means binge watching, Netflix, and hot chocolate. Christmas break is a long one and that means tons of time to watch the TV shows that you want. You want to relax, and if you do not know what shows to watch here are some suggestions. Starting off at number 10.


10. Hart of Dixie – 4 seasons. This show is about a doctor from NY who moves down to Bluebell to get a fresh start. She meets people in this town that make her view life differently.


9. Revenge – 4 seasons. This show is about a woman whose father was betrayed. She makes a promise to avenge her father, by getting revenge on all of the people that wronged him.psych-binge

8. Psych – 8 seasons. This show is about a guy who pretends to be a psychic detective. With the help of his best friend, they are able to solve crimes and keep his secret.


7. Merlin – 5 seasons. It is a twist on the legend of King Arthur. This is the Arthur story that you didn’t read in the books. This time the spot light is on Merlin and the adventures are never ending.


6. Friends – 10 seasons. Basically, this show is about 6 friends who all live and hang out in NY. They go through what all friendships go through, but in the end they are still friends no matter how crazy life gets.

5. Charmed – 8 seasons. This is a show about 3 sisters who are witches. With their powers, they have to protect the supernatural world. They do all this while trying to balance, a normal life.


4. Gilmore Girls – 7 seasons. A show about a mother and daughter who are best friends. They try to get through the good and the bad things together, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy.


3. Parks and Recreation – 7 seasons. This is a show about the Parks department in Pawnee. This team is definitely one of a kind, but even though they are all very different that is what makes them work. They do whatever they can to make Pawnee better.


2. One Tree Hill – 9 seasons. A high school drama, which is something that we have all probably seen before. This one is definitely one is definitely a must see, and you will get addicted. So much drama, love triangles, and romance. Just watch the 1st season and let me know what you think.


1. The Office – 9 seasons. At number one is a personal favorite of mine. I love this show because of just how funny it is. What happens in a typical office environment? The Office will give you the most extreme versions of what happens in an office from day to day. While doing that, this show will be bringing you some of the best laughs.

I hope these suggestions make your Christmas break a little more merrier. I have all seen of these shows from beginning to end and let me just say that they are all worth a try.

Merry Christmas everyone!