This show was previously on USA and I wanted to watch it but I just never got to it. Now it is on Netflix. Let’s just say that after I watched it, I was not disappointed. This show is about a Sniper named Bob Lee Swagger played by Ryan Phillippe. Bob Lee Swagger was in the military and tries to do the right thing and help a friend. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned. He ended up being framed for killing the President.Now what will he do when all fingers are pointed at him?

There is something else that you should know about this show. You will not be able to see the whole season on Netflix. The episodes come weekly instead of all at once, which is not how I like it but it does keep me interested. I am excited to see what will happen in the next episode.

A bonus is that Shantel VanSanten who played Quinn on One Tree Hill plays Julie Swagger who is the wife of the Sniper. I am glad to see her on TV again and can’t wait to see how her character deals with the predicament that her husband is in. Just to remind you that is it on Netflix and new episodes will be coming every week so make sure to keep up. 

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Summer is Here!

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So its officially summer! I know what you are thinking. What is going on in TV this summer? Well, a whole lot but I won’t try to make this long.

So what has been popular this summer is Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy on Freeform. Their ratings have been great this summer, and I haven’t missed an episode yet. These are two comedys that are worth seeing. These two shows aren’t  the only thing that Freeform will have this summer. Pretty Little Liars premieres this summer with its 7th season and so far its looking good. They also have some new shows coming which are Guilt and Dead of Summer. These shows are definitely nothing to laugh about.

Freeform isn’t the only channel with new shows, USA has some up their sleeves also. Queen of the South is an action packed drama about a a woman forced to run away and flee to America for refuge, after her drug dealer boyfriend is murdered in Mexico. This show premieres June 23rd. The also have their show Mr. Robot coming back  July 13th which has done very well for itself with a highly anticipated premiere.

Reality TV shows are making a splash in TV like American Ninja Warrior, where the best athletes compete on challenging obstacle courses to win the title American Ninja Warrior on Esquire . Let us not forget Big Brother is happening this summer also. This is the one summer addiction that me and my sis have to watch. This show premieres June 22nd.

These are only snap shots of things that are coming to TV this summer. Lets just say this summer will be eventful. 

Binge of the Month: Royal Pains

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My latest binge has been Royal Pains. I had looked to this show here and there but never really committed to the show. I finally decided to click on this show that has been on my list forever. Now that I have finished all I can say is what took me so long? This show is a medical show with a lot of brotherly love. I think that is what makes it different than other medical shows. This one is about 2 brothers, and how this medical practice that they have started has strengthen their relationship. I appreciate the sibling bond in this show and I think that is one of the things I liked best about it. Besides the medicine and the brotherly love, this show does have a little bit of drama to it. With surgery and blood, there is bound to be a little drama. Besides the drama there is some humor that I enjoyed while watching. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the show. Thankfully, I finished all 7 seasons on Netflix before the final season on USA. I am currently watching the final season on USA and it is sad because I just got into this show and it will be over soon. I hope that this post inspires you guys to watch this show because it is worth it.

Bad News for Covert Affairs Fans


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The 5 season show of Covert Affairs has reached the end of its journey. It had a pretty good run and 5 seasons is something that the show and cast should be proud of. USA decided to put an end to the show because of the ratings going down. It wasn’t doing as well as when it started so this show will end with 5 seasons. The worst part about it is that the 5th season left viewers on a cliff hanger. How can this show leave the dedicated fans on a cliff hanger, it just doesn’t seem right. I think they should add one more season to wrap things up, like a final season to answer all questions. To all you dedicated watchers, I feel your pain. I loved this show and it will be missed. The cast was great and I loved how the show was about a powerful woman. I am sad to see this show go but I enjoyed the journey. Thank you Covert Affairs for the drama, suspense, and love you brought to my television each week.

Coming in November


In November, the shows that will premiere are Covert Affairs, which is one of my favorites and State of Affairs which is a new show. I love Piper Perabo and Covert Affairs so much I have been counting the days until it came back on. It premiered November 7th on USA, so you can catch the next episode on Thursday. A new show that you guys should check out is State of Affairs  and it will premiere on Monday, November 17th. I am interested to see Katherine Heigl in this show and how it turns out. We all know about the incident she had with Grey’s Anatomy. I wonder if this show will end up the same for her as that or will she learn from the mistakes she made? We will learn once it comes on NBC. Can’t wait for it and I’ll let you know what I think.

Coming to an End


The Night Shift and Beauty and the Beast having their season finale next week. Beauty and the Beast is returning for another season and The Night Shift is getting a 2nd season! Are you ready for what these shows have to offer? I am so happy that The Night Shift is doing so well and I can’t wait for the 2nd season to start. I feel like both of these shows did very well on their most recent seasons and can’t wait to see what their finales will be. The Night Shift Finale has something to do with a gunman. I thought it was pretty soon to bring that in a show, but you do want the finale to be something that is remembered. In Beauty and the Beast the finale includes Gabe as a beast again who puts Cat and Vincent in danger once again. They do not know how powerful Gabe is and if he fights Vincent, Vincent could get hurt. Even though these shows are ending there are still shows that have just started for this summer season. Covert Affairs comes on every Tuesday on USA and Teen Wolf comes on every Monday on MTV. A new show that just started which is Young and Hungry appears every Wednesday on ABC Family. Even though you might be sad that you favorite shows are ending, there are still some good summer shows to check out.

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