Women’s History Month: Ashley Tisdale



Continuing with women’s history month, let us talk about Ashley Tisdale.

Many may know her from High School Musical or even Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She also was a voice for Phineas and Ferb and played on a show call Hellcats, which only lasted a couple seasons. There are other things she have played on in the past couple of years but that is not all she has done. Ashley Tisdale is one of my favorite girl bosses at the moment. She is a producer of the show Young and Hungry which is doing very well. She has a Youtube channel that has been successful too. She also has her own makeup collection called Illuminate. 

One thing I like about Ashley Tisdale is that she is making a name for herself outside the acting world. I like how she is doing a lot of different things and is doing well with all of them. It just shows how talented she is and how much of a girl boss she is. She is truly an inspiration and girl boss goals.

There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Please comment below if there are any women in the television industry who should be recognized for what they are doing. And The Show Must Go On

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5 Shows to Watch Over Spring Break

It’s that time! SUN, SAND, OCEAN!

I hope everyone is currently enjoying their spring break. This is a time to relax and just enjoy some quality with friends, family, or even yourself. Since this is a time to have fun and enjoy life, here are a couple of shows that will make your spring break even more enjoyable.

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtkimmy-schmidt

  2. Baby Daddybaby-daddy-spring

  3. Galavantgalavant


  5. New Girl new-girl

So if you are relaxing at home, sitting on the plane, or if you and your friends want a show to watch one night, these are just a few you should check out.

They are all comedies that I personally enjoy and will add a bit of laughter to any vacation. Please like below if you enjoyed this post and comment below some other great shows to watch over break. And The Show Must Go On.

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Summer is Here!

Queen-of-the-south photo from deadline.com

So its officially summer! I know what you are thinking. What is going on in TV this summer? Well, a whole lot but I won’t try to make this long.

So what has been popular this summer is Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy on Freeform. Their ratings have been great this summer, and I haven’t missed an episode yet. These are two comedys that are worth seeing. These two shows aren’t  the only thing that Freeform will have this summer. Pretty Little Liars premieres this summer with its 7th season and so far its looking good. They also have some new shows coming which are Guilt and Dead of Summer. These shows are definitely nothing to laugh about.

Freeform isn’t the only channel with new shows, USA has some up their sleeves also. Queen of the South is an action packed drama about a a woman forced to run away and flee to America for refuge, after her drug dealer boyfriend is murdered in Mexico. This show premieres June 23rd. The also have their show Mr. Robot coming back  July 13th which has done very well for itself with a highly anticipated premiere.

Reality TV shows are making a splash in TV like American Ninja Warrior, where the best athletes compete on challenging obstacle courses to win the title American Ninja Warrior on Esquire . Let us not forget Big Brother is happening this summer also. This is the one summer addiction that me and my sis have to watch. This show premieres June 22nd.

These are only snap shots of things that are coming to TV this summer. Lets just say this summer will be eventful. 

Cooper or Josh?


What’s up Young and Hungry fans! So I caught up on Young and Hungry on Netflix and I loved it of course. Spoilers Ahead! If you haven’t caught up on the 2nd season, then you might want to stop reading now. Ok then, here I go. I loved/hated the season finale because I wanted Gabi to end up with someone, but I liked how she chose to go after her dream. After that episode, I am still debating if I am Team Cooper or Team Josh. I was team cooper all the way from the beginning. Cooper liked Gabi and saw the beauty in her and Gabi saw the same in Cooper. That’s what I like about them. They were both similar in a lot of ways and they went so well together. I was sad how it ended with them and I hope that Cooper will be coming back in the 3rd season. The reason I wasn’t Team Josh is because I don’t think Josh knows what he wants. I guess what I think, is that Josh never really fully appreciated what Gabi has done for him. The fact it took him so long to choose Gabi is one reason why I am team Cooper. Cooper knew what he had and he never wanted to let her go. So I was sure I was team Cooper, until I saw that passionate kiss that Gabi and Josh shared.josh-and-gabi-kiss After that kiss, I don’t know anymore. I still love Cooper but I don’t know who she should end up with. Her and Josh do look like they make a cute couple. So that is why I ask, Cooper or Josh? After the season finale, my decision got a little blurred. Both guys are good for her but, as Gabi is chasing her dreams who will see want to be with?

10 New Shows to Watch Over Break


Easter Break is coming up and you are probably looking for a new show to start watching. If not, here are some suggestions anyway. All the shows I’m about to mention have 2 seasons or less, so it will be pretty easier for you to watch all the episodes over the break. We will the start the countdown at number 10.

10.Backstrom – If you are a fan of The Office then you might know Rainn Wilson aka Dwight. In this new show, he plays a detective that is rough around the edges. He isn’t your ordinary detective though, he doesn’t care how he solves a case just as long as he does it. He breaks a lot of rules to find the bad guy and adds a little humor while doing it. If you like crime shows or if you just want to see Rain Wilson on television again, check out this show. It comes on Thursdays on Fox.


9.Young and Hungry – This show is a cute little comedy about a girl with a passion for cooking and the successful businessman she works for. In this show you will see Emily Osment and Jessie McCartney and others actors too. The cook named Gabi played by Emily Osment makes a dinner for her boss on the first day, for him to purpose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his girlfriend dumps him and Gabi is left there to comfort him. She ends up in bed with him the next morning, also the next day he gets back together with his girlfriend. Throughout this show you see how that drama unfolds in a comedic way. Check this show out Wednesdays on ABC Family.

8.Undateable – This show is about a bunch of friends that hang out in a bar and discuss their dating troubles. All of these people seem to have the worst dating experiences in this show. You might know Bridgit Mendler from Good Luck Charlie, she has just joined the cast for its 2nd season. This cast has a strange mix of characters but it works for them and it makes the show even funnier. This is a fun little comedy that if you like to laugh you should give it chance.It comes on Thursdays on NBC.


7.Blackish – This show is a comedy about an African American family and the things that they deal with on a daily basis. This show is currently on its first season and has become very popular. I was hesitant about this show at first but trust me if you enjoy comedies you will like this show. This show comes on ABC on Wednesdays.

6.The Originals – This is a supernatural drama show dealing with The original vampires. This is a spin off of  The Vampire Diaries so if you like that show you might want to try this one out. This show is about the vampires trying take back New Orleans, which is the place they call home. In this show, you will see vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and witches. This show is currently on its 2nd season and you can check it out on CW on Mondays.

5.Eye Candy – This show is in the drama and horror genre. Victoria Justice from Zoey 101 and Victorious, now plays a girl named Lindy who is great with a computer. In this show, she is being stalked by someone she met on a dating app and this person is killing everyone close to her. She works with the police to try to catch the criminal. Just to warn you there’s a lot of blood and it gets kind of gruesome but that is why it is such a good show. If you like suspense, crime, or drama this show is perfect for you. The first season currently ended but you can catch up on MTV website.

4.Fresh Off The Boat – This is another comedy that I watch and let me tell you that this show will have you rolling. It is a show about an Asian family that moved to Orlando. The show focuses around the oldest son who has a love for hip hop. This is definitely something new on television and I believe that is why it is so popular. To see this hilarious show catch it Tuesdays on ABC.


3. How to Get Away With Murder – You may have heard of this new show by Shonda Rhimes. A lawyer teaches a college class on how to get away with murder. She also lets 5 students work for her and they experience the law in the real world. But little do they know how their lives will change. It has been very popular and the suspense and drama is so good. This show has a lot of crime and also murder. If you would like to check this show out, it comes on ABC on Thursdays.

2.Jane the Virgin – This is another comedy that I enjoy. It is about a virgin that becomes pregnant, and yes she is still a virgin. This show is so cute and funny and it is kind of like the American version of a telenovela. But let us not forget all the drama that this show has, yes it is a comedy but it is not lacking in the drama department. This show is still on its first season and you can catch it on CW on Mondays.

1. Empire – Let me just say that this show is HOT HOT HOT! This show has been breaking records in the television industry and has been able to increase its fan base every week. This show is about the hip hop music industry. The man that started Empire has a terminal disease and will has to choose between his 3 sons on who will take over when he dies. Also his ex wife Cookie has just been released from jail and she wants the part of the company that is hers. This show is about family and has so much drama you won’t believe. This show is a phenomenon and that is the reason it is #1 on this list. It just finished up on season one so catch up with empire before season 2.

I hope helps you out when deciding what to watch this Easter Break.  And if you were wondering, yes I do watch all of these shows and they are all definitely worth watching.

Young & Hungry Finale


All I can say for the finale is that it left me wanting more. There has been a shipping war between Josh and Gabi or Cooper and Gabi. I personally ship Cooper and Gabi. Josh and Gabi also make a cute couple but for right now Cooper and Gabi are the ones I love. One of my reasons is because Jesse McCartney plays Cooper and I love Jesse McCartney. Another reason, is because Cooper saw something in Gabi in one of the first moments they were together. Josh didn’t realize how much Gabi cared for him until the finale. The fact that it took him so long to figure out that Gabi was the one is a reason that he loses points in my book. Yes, Cooper did leave Gabi and broke her heart but he did come back. Josh also came back but it was to late, he saw that Gabi had chosen Cooper and he realized in that moment, you do not realize how much you want something until it is gone. I do love both these guys and by the actions in the last few minutes you realize that they are both knights in shining armor. I really hope there is a next season because I can’t wait to see who Gabi choses. I love Cooper and Gabi but in the finale it made me question who I thought she should be with. Gabi has a big decision to make. I really hope this show gets renewed. I suggest everyone check out the first season of Young & Hungry on ABC Family.

Coming to an End


The Night Shift and Beauty and the Beast having their season finale next week. Beauty and the Beast is returning for another season and The Night Shift is getting a 2nd season! Are you ready for what these shows have to offer? I am so happy that The Night Shift is doing so well and I can’t wait for the 2nd season to start. I feel like both of these shows did very well on their most recent seasons and can’t wait to see what their finales will be. The Night Shift Finale has something to do with a gunman. I thought it was pretty soon to bring that in a show, but you do want the finale to be something that is remembered. In Beauty and the Beast the finale includes Gabe as a beast again who puts Cat and Vincent in danger once again. They do not know how powerful Gabe is and if he fights Vincent, Vincent could get hurt. Even though these shows are ending there are still shows that have just started for this summer season. Covert Affairs comes on every Tuesday on USA and Teen Wolf comes on every Monday on MTV. A new show that just started which is Young and Hungry appears every Wednesday on ABC Family. Even though you might be sad that you favorite shows are ending, there are still some good summer shows to check out.

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Young and Hungry


I believe that the first episode of Young and Hungry did very good for themselves. It was a good mixture of comedy and drama in the show. There were some parts that could have been better, but I think that the more that the show goes on the better the cast can bond and they can bring that through their characters. The better the characters are the better the show will be. I am so glad that Emily Osment has her own show and I think that this is a great part for her. Young and Hungry looks like it has a great cast to work with and the show looks promising. It comes on every Wednesday on ABC Family and I will definitely be watching next week.