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First, I just want to say thank you for following me and for all the support. I have been working hard and this decision took me a long time to make. I have decided to purchase my own domain for this blog And The Show Must Go On . I am so excited for this new journey. As a result of this new site, I will not be posting on this site unless something else changes.

This is a huge step for me and I am excited to share it with you guys. Please click on the link below to check out my new site.


Bringing Up Bates


I don’t know if many of you know this but I am not a huge fan of reality type TV shows. There are very few that I will actually sit down and watch. One of these shows is Bringing Up Bates. This is about a family who has 19 kids and how life is like with a big family. This show is a little similar to 19 kids and counting but to me the Bates are a little bit more modern. They still have a lot of the same family values as the Duggars, but they are just a little bit different.

I enjoy this show because the family is honestly hilarious. This is a great family show to watch and I would recommend it. This show has been doing very well and I am excited to see more of the family adventures that they go on. This show premieres on UP and if you want to catch the next season you can see it this Thursday. It will be premiering June 1st at 9:00 PM. UP is a new channel that I have recently got into and I will be checking out more of their original shows.  And as always The Show Must Go On.

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Making a Murderer


I definitely watched this a lot later than everyone else. I heard a lot of good things about it and was excited to see what it was about. If you haven’t seen it yet i’ll tell you what it is about. It is about a man you is Steven Avery who was wrongly accused of a crime. He then was found innocent and released. He then was arrested for a another crime years later. He says he was innocent but was still found guilty. 

I never really watched a documentary crime show. This was a new genre for me and it was really interesting. I never really knew what went into a case and seeing what went on in this one was so crazy to believe. I watched all the episodes and if you ask me if I think he was guilty, I would tell you that I honestly don’t know. The first time I would say he was guilty but then we find out he was innocent.  So the 2nd time it is hard to say. You see the deck was stacked against him and that the town didn’t like his family. There are so many unknown parts that it is hard to see the truth. I liked this show because it was something I have never really seen before.  If you haven’t seen it already ( which is highly unlikely), go and watch. If you have never watched a documentary, it is a little slower than scripted shows but totally worth it. And as always The Show Must Go On. 

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Season Finale: Jane The Virgin


If you haven’t watched the season finale for Jane the Virgin STOP READING. There are spoilers ahead.

* * *

The finale as you may already know was focused around Ro & Xo’s wedding. This finale did not disappoint and it was filled with surprises, drama, and questions that need answers. 

1st – Rogelio finally got the child that he wanted but how will that with an ex that he hates and his new marriage to Xiomara?

2nd – Petra & Raphael vs. Jane and Raphael: who does he truly love and who will he end up with? This is a very tangled web with so many layers. I need to see how this turns out.

3rd – The Twisted Sisters: Anezka & Luisa created some type of bond in that cab ride. I’m not gonna lie I think they are awesome villains. Seeing a confident Luisa (even though she is evil) is refreshing. Anyway what will happen to Petra and Raphael not that their sisters have the upper hand.   

4th & Last – Tyler Posey!!! I had heard he would be a part of the show but I didn’t realize he would come during the finale. I was super excited to see him make an appearance because if you can’t tell, I love him. I can not wait to see what his character will bring to the show and what type of love interest he is for Jane. This addition could get a little messy but I can’t wait to see what happens. 

I loved this show and I am already ready for the next season. Unfortunately I have to wait but let us see what next season will bring.  And The Show Must Go On. 

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The People vs O.J. Simpson

the -people-vs-oj

I finally watched it! I know, I know, it took me long enough.

Before watching this, I had never really known anything about the OJ Simpson case. I had heard his name but other than that nothing else. I had watched this and I wasn’t sure how much was embellished but overall I liked it. I was watching it and was thinking that this stuff couldn’t have actually happened. After talking to my wonderful mother who had watched it when she was younger, many of the events in the show did happen.

This case is one of the most well known in America. I was so intrigued from beginning to end. I understand why this show was so popular and successful now because of how well it was made. I honestly couldn’t take my eyes of the screen. One thing that I need to give props is to the casting team. The casting in this production was amazing. You could tell they spent a lot of time getting people that not only looked like the characters but were very talented.

After watching this show, people asked me what I thought. Guilty or not guilty? Honestly, I don’t know. I didn’t watch the actual case so I don’t believe I can even give an opinion. This show is the only interaction I had with the OJ Simpson trial. My opinion of the show is that it an amazing work of art. If crime shows are your thing, then you will enjoy this show. I would love to know what other people think. Not just of this articular case but of the show in general.

Please comment below with your thoughts And The Show Must Go On.

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13 Reasons Why is a Must Watch


What Up What Up What Up!

I watched this show in 2 days. I had first seen previews for it a couple weeks before and that really caught my eye. I also learned that this show was based on a book, which I had never known. I only watched the promo for it so that is why I decided to check it out.

If you don’t already know, this show is about a girl who commits suicide. She leaves behind tapes for the 13 reasons why she decided to this and who was a reason she did it. Whoever is listening to the tapes, is a reason why she decided to commit suicide. It is a heavy kind of show but it is so real, which is why I think it makes it so hard to watch. I think the creators of this show did a really good job of showing the affects of bullying and what someone who is contemplating suicide might be going through. I also think that they did a fantastic job with providing a diverse cast. The actors weren’t bad either. These charters were well rounded and had different levels to them. And it was interesting to see how all their stories interacted. I think the actors did a good job of showing the different depths of each character.

None of the topics in the show are easy and I think they showed us as viewers how hard it can be. Some scenes were uncomfortable and I think in a way that is a good thing, because sometimes people need to be uncomfortable for it to affect them. 

It took me so long to write this because I would ask friends if they watched it and what they thought. We would say what characters we loved and hated. We would talk about certain events. Overall, everyone thought it was so entertaining and informative. It was one of those shows that you immediately want to see the next episode to see what happens. I had to take a couple days just to reflect on what I just watched.

I think show is one that everyone should watch. There are some hard scenes so it is more for older viewers, but the show is amazing. You never know how your words or actions will affect someone. You never know what they are going through or dealing with in their life. 

This show is a Netflix original. I am probably not the first place that talked about it, but check it out. My last thing is, Do you think there will be a season 2?

And The Show Must Go On

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The Get Down


What Up! What Up! What Up!

I see this advertised on Netflix a lot so I thought I would check it out. Also, a friend recommended it to me and said I would like it. I watched the first episode and didn’t really get into it until after the 2nd episode.

This show takes place in the Bronx around the disco era. The basics are about a bunch of kids who want to do more with their life. They all have dreams and aspirations and hope to reach them some day. OK, so let’s dig a little deeper in the show. Disco music is the spirit and heart of this show. It is what everyone is listening to and disco DJs are the kings of their neighborhood. If you are a good DJ, you are loved by many and that is what a lot of people want to be. It really shows how disco is a part of the Bronx and how it makes them feel. Not only is it about music but it is also about power and how everyone wants it. This show also shows how far some people will go to get that power. What really stuck out to me in the show was seeing what these kids are going through to make a name for themselves or to even get out of the Bronx. The cast o kids is pretty awesome and among them is Jaden Smith. This is a cool show to check out. It is a Netflix Original and there is only one season right now but another is coming out April 7th.

Please comment below on what you think about the show. And as always The Show Must Go On. 

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Women’s History Month: Sophia Bush


It is sadly the last post of women’s history month. For this post I will be talking about Sophia Bush!

I absolutely love Sophia Bush. I first saw her in One Tree Hill as Brooke Davis. You can never forget about Brooke Davis. Sophia Bush spent years on our television screens making us laugh, angry, and cry with everything that Brook Davis had to go through.

You can now see Sophia Bush on Chicago P.D. It is a different role than Brooke Davis but I think she plays the part really well. It is nice to see her in a different role and excel at it. One thing I like about Sophia Bush is that if she believes in something she isn’t afraid to show it. I love her as an actress and I hope to see her in more things. 

There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

And The Show Must Go On

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Guess Who is Coming Back to TV

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

I just heard some of the best news and I had to share it with the world. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are coming back to TV!

I am a huge Parks and Recreation fan and I am jumping with joy from this news!  Unfortunately, it will not be their characters Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope. Instead of a scripted show this is going to be a reality TV series. 

The show will be called The Handmade Project and it is a competition show. This show will be showing all different types of people that will be making/ crafting different projects each episode. Their artwork will then be shown to a panel of judges, which is where the competition aspect will come in. Both Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman seem very excited to be a part of this show. I am excited to see the premiere of this show and I can not wait to see them together again!

If you want to read more about the show, click on the link below.

This show will be coming to NBC so keep a lookout. And don’t forget that The Show Must Go On. 

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Women’s History Month: Julie Plec


Continuing with the current theme of Women’s History Month, we will be talking about Julie Plec.

Julie Plec is a producer and writer mostly know for The Vampire Diaries. I remember watching this show in high school and going back to school the next day, and talking to my friends about it. She is also know for the spin off series The Originals. You can say she is doing very well in the television industry. Even though Vampire Diaries ended its long run, The Originals is still going strong. These aren’t the only shows she has wrote for though. She also wrote for The Tomorrow People, Kyle XY and Containment. Not only can she write and produce but she has directed too. She is a woman that is another boss in this industry and a triple threat. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to television in the future. 

  There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Please comment below if there are any other women in the television that should be recognized for their role. And The Show Must Go On.

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